Firsts v Redhill 1-3

When pre match instructions are thrown out of the window and a team starts as if slowly waking from a coma bad things are likely to happen. That’s how it was, unfortunately, in this away game to Redhill. The home side finished two early chances sweetly, from the edge of the box, but both goals were avoidable, In the first instance Balham were in hibernation when a short corner taken and in the second instance they displayed a snail like response to closing down the ball following a defensive clearance. Coming back from two nil down, after only eight minutes, was not going to be easy and so it proved. Balham dominated the game from thereon in but couldn’t repair the damage. An avoidable third goal was conceded just after the break, which almost put a final nail in the coffin. James Fuller, who had come on for the injured Tomasz Wocial, before half time, soon got one back though and from there until the end Balham huffed and puffed without being able to blow the Redhill house down.
Team: Neish, Fuller, Erriu, Henry(capt), Fenlon, Gallagher, David, Wocial, Fosse, Nuur, Adebayo
Subs: Fuller J, Garcia, Benson, Read H
Goal Scorer: Fuller J